matt schuttenbach


My name is Matt and I'm a designer. It all started with passion for graphic design, which is my background. For over ten years I've been creating design for various clients. Over that time I developed my digital skills, which let me bring my ideas to a new level. On the other hand, working directly with clients, helped me understand how crucial is the functionality of design. I've also learned a lot about marketing and advertising in the digital era. My goal is to help you show how great what you do is. Feel free to contact me at, I'm always happy to help you make your offer look great.

Who is Matt Schuttenbach?

Well, it’s me, and Graphcare is my freelance project. Since I remember I was passionate about image and its capability of conveying messages. The creative space where beauty meets semantics is a fascinating dimension. It’s also a fundamental element of advertising. After over ten years of work as a professional designer, I’m still fascinated with this phenomenon. I design branding, digital and graphic design solutions to help my clients achieve their business goals. Mostly I work with individual clients, although being a part of large projects independently and in an agency environment is also part of my experience.

Ability to deliver design solutions is my primary skill. Since I started work as a designer, I took part in the process where traditional graphic design is adapted to new digital medium. That fact brought me to one of my secondary skills, which is coding and development. Mostly I develop WordPress based websites and HTML5 assets, on some opportunities I also use my programming knowledge to improve my workflow with Adobe scripting. When designing and advising my clients on their promotion, I’m always trying to make use of my marketing knowledge and make design a business tool.

Why Graphcare?

Graphcare is a result of my passion, my desire to introduce great design solution for your product or service. I believe that good design is not only beautiful, but also functional, especially in the digital world. My approach is holistic as I see design as a part of branding and marketing, I’m aware of usability principles and I have the ability to make design work in various channels.

Let’s make the world more beautiful

If you think your business or company deserves better design, I would love to hear from you. Graphcare is a great choice for business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing teams and managers.