What is branding design?

Branding in graphic design is an art of creating a visual communication language for a business. A unique composition of graphic elements, such as: shapes, colours, typography or use of imagery is being created to portray your value proposition. Branding design is not just about a logo. It is so much more. It is about creating a consistent yet flexible visual system, which will be a cornerstone for all your internal and external communication.

Why do you need it?

Consistent and well designed branding, based on your marketing strategy, will be the best advocate of your product or service. Professionally designed brand image will help you tell your audience how great your product is. It will make them remember you in a way you wish and increase your business value. Branding will make your business unique and original, truly yours. You will differentiate yourself from your competitors and be more recognisable for your leads.

What I can do for you?

I can help you define where you are with your brand now. Even if you’re just starting, we can sit down together and discuss your initial assumptions. When we agree what your business objectives are, I will start to work on visual elements. The range of brand identity design is individual, it depends on your needs. I can cover everything from small projects to highly complex corporate identity systems. Regardless of project size, you will a receive the brand guidelines documentation and your brand graphical assets.

Online brand audit

Creating a brand is crucial for your business. It is also a quite complex and very individual process. Online Brand Audit is a great place to start. With a set of questions you will have an opportunity to make the first step in improving your image. Start your Online Brand Audit now – I will get back to you with a free report, which might be a cornerstone for your new brand.

Startup packages

Starting-up? Choose what you need and build your visual language. Pre-made packages will help you create your brand toolkit, which can be adjusted to your individual needs. Tell me what and why you do what you do, what are you goals? Based on an approved design brief I will deliver your branding at a fixed price. Your Brand starts here.

Bespoke branding solutions

Do you think your brand should be as unique as your business? I totally agree. Bespoke solutions are always the best. A deep understanding of your business, vision and goals, is essential for creating a strong and unique brand image. Bespoke branding will equip you with a visual language toolkit to speak about your great offer.