Bespoke branding solutions

Why would you need bespoke branding?

Your brand is much more than just a logo or look and feel. Your brand is a promise to your customers. It is also their judgement on the promise of delivery. Building your brand is strictly related to how your business is build, your goals and visions and quality of your product or service. Keeping that in mind, your brand should reflect your business in context of your customers.

To achieve that result you need more than just design. First of all you need documented marketing and brand strategy. That will not only let you build a road map for your brand, but may also give you hints about your core business activities. It will also allow you to measure effectiveness of brand building expenses. Building a brand takes time and money. How much? It depends on type of business, industry sector and your goals, so it’s hard to come up with a ballpark. You should think of it as an investment, because this is what properly done branding is. It brings return.

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Defining your exceptional values

The core of your brand should be your offer. Not seen as a final product or service, but asĀ delivering on your promise to your customer. The first task is to synthesise this assumption as the exceptional values of your business.

In order to achieve that, you have to look at your offer from your customers’ perspective. By building customer personas you will get a context; this will let you answer some crucial questions about your brand. Finding out how your offer helps your customers is a cornerstone of your brand. The process allows to learn how to “talk” to your audience.

defining exceptional brand values
creating strategy and roadmap

Developing strategy and road map

Having your customers personas and exceptional values defined, your strategy development has already started. There are many factors to consider when building your strategy, for this reason your strategy must be built with your significant input. At the end, brand just reflects what your business is.

Working on brand strategy should result with documented plans, including your mission statement, core values, unique selling point, competitor analysis, buyer personas and other elements specific to your business. This approach will make brand development much more efficient and measurable.

Creating brand pillars

Your strategy is ready and you know what you need. It’s time to bring it alive! Again, this part will also be very individual, but in general, this is the stage when your brand takes on real shapes. Even if you are re-branding, this isĀ a new opening for your business.

Considering design elements, this is where logo and general look and feel is established. Developed further, to define colour palette, typography, use of imagery and other elements specific to your offer. Your brand’s creative tone of voice is ready to speak to the world.

creating brand pillars
delivering brand assets

Delivering your brand assets and documentation

Your brand is your tool. I will deliver all graphic assets and production files you need. Specific to your marketing profile, I can manage production and delivery of your brand assets and marketing materials. Possibilities are endless, including personalisation and virtual products.

You will also get complete project documentation, including logo and graphic files in multiple formats for print and digital guidelines. Brand guidelines will be also delivered, to make sure that all appearances of your brand are consistent.