Digital Design

What is digital design?

This relatively new term is often still confusing. Cutting long story short – I would define it as graphic design of the 21st century. Why? For the most part digital design uses the same principles as graphic design, like layout, imagery, typography and so on. The difference is the medium. Digital medium. Communication materials, in growing majority, are no longer published on tangible media. With literally every day, digital media are taking over, because your clients are there. This situation is a fact, which gives you plenty of new possibilities. The reason being, digital allows for use of interaction, automation, personalisation and more.

How digital design can benefit your business?

Certainly in many ways. Starting with simple use, like a website, which can also sell your product or service. Going through social media presence or HTML5 ads, automated emails workflow and remarketing, all the way to bespoke programmable solutions and further. The world is yours! See more details and get in touch to start your project.

Website & Application Design

Whether you are after creating or upgrading your website, including e-commerce solutions, looking for a beautiful email design or improving your UI and UX, this section is for you. Explore it, start your project and get a solution crafted for you.

HTML5 Banners

Have you ever wondered if your ad could be seen on Google Display Network? Or maybe you just want to include an animated banner on your website? This is what HTML5 banners are for. This is a great place to give your ad a modern punch.


When words are not enough, infographics are a great way to convey your message. Creating engaging visuals may dramatically increase traffic to your website. Wouldn’t it be great to have visual asset with viral potential? See some infographic design examples and let me know how can I make it work for you.

Electronic Publications

“Print it, post it” or “attach it, send it”? Well, it’s usually the latter. Digital publications are much faster and usually cheaper than traditional print, they’re also easier to update or reuse. Show off your products, services or useful content in a professional way. E-books, e-brochures, e-catalogs, PDF forms, whitepapers, that’s all here.

Motion Graphics

Sometimes a still image is not enough. Motion graphics get more user attention and allow to convey your message in a more convincing way. Awake your brand assets and marketing materials, let them move to tell your story! Learn more on how to use motion graphics in marketing.

Social Media Graphics

Social media can be a great marketing channel. To stand out from competition you need great visual content. Whether you’re planning to run an ad campaign or you just want to spice up your feed, this is great place to start your project. Improve your social media presence!