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HTML5 banners are what you can see across the internet, usually as Google ads. First and most common advantage is the possibility of use of animation, but that’s not all. You can also make use of interaction and information which browsers gather about a user, like location or operating system. Whether you are looking for creating your AdWords campaign or just enhancing your website, this section is for you.

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AdWords campaigns. Delivering assets for display network.

Most of advertising space is virtual today. No surprise here, considering how powerful medium the internet has become. The definitive advantage of this situation is the possibility to target your ad precisely and use techniques such as remarketing, adjust your budget and choose the right format. Google, as the largest advertiser, offer ads in search result format, but you can also take advantage of their huge display network.

Apart from planning and setting up your campaign, I can deliver professionally designed and built HTML5 banners for display network.

HTML5 ads
HTML5 advertising

Delivering visual assets for other advertisers

There is more than one choice when it comes to advertiser choice. Amazon network is growing in popularity, and a few more platforms are trying to get a piece of market. If your customers use Bing or Yahoo as their search engine, you should publish your advert on those platforms. Also social media networks are a great space to advertise, as they usually require static images, this is covered in Social Media Graphics section of this website. Regardless of your advertiser choice, I can offer my advice and provide you with all the required assets.

Add animated banners to your own website

Sometimes the only thing you need is just nice promotional banner for your own site, to highlight your best offer. You can also use HTML5 banners for this purpose. This opens new possibilities and brings more attention that traditional static images.

I can design and deliver your HTML5 assets, and help you implement them on your site.

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