Graphic Design

Digital or graphic design?

Graphic design has been a part of our culture for centuries. Beginning with coats of arms, first printed books, through 20th century advertisement, up to present digital era – graphic design was, and is, a very important communication tool. Most of publishing and advertisement take place in the digital realm now, yet this new medium still uses graphic design principles.

The core elements

Illustration and typography, including layout, have always been at the core of graphic design. Illustration creates the individual character of an artwork, makes it special and consistent. People comprehend visualised information faster, so your message is more engaging and convincing. Sometimes illustration might transform to another basic element of graphic design – typography. Word marks, headlines, paragraphs and images, composed on functional layout to convey a message – an essence of design work.

Why so digital?

In some cases digital medium is simply not the right one. When you need your marketing or internal materials tangible, good old print design comes to play. The way your materials are printed and finished, might be also your brand element.


Illustration may be a great way to build your brand character. Leave your competitors behind by creating unique assets for your brand. Bespoke illustration sometimes isĀ  the only way to show your offer or business process.


Importance of typography in graphic design can’t be overestimated. Typography is an element of almost every branding, graphic and digital design project, often the most crucial one. The use of typographic elements and layouts should relay the character of your brand. You can even create a custom font for your brand! Explore the beautiful world of typography and learn how it can be used for your image.


Print is not dead! Tangible marketing materials are still a great way of communication for certain purposes. If you feel you need to promote your business with printed materials, this is a great place to start. From simple business cards, leaflets and folders to fine printed catalogues and brochures or even books, it’s all here. I will design, prepare for print and, if you wish, manage production of your printed materials.